Decentralized AI Infrastructure
for web2 and Web3 Applications.

Integrate AI Into Apps and Dapps With Ease.

Web 3

  • Distributed storage and compute networks
  • Decentralized model training mechanisms
  • Incentivisation, tokenization and data DAO


  • Training process optimization
  • Auto testing and predictive analysis
  • Training workspace and platform security

Integrate AI models With ease

  • Train AI models from scratch
  • Access a library of fully trained models
  • Customize AI models for diverse use cases
  • Deploy and run models for apps and dapps seamlessly
  • Integrate data services to keep your AI models up-to-date

Explore And Discover The Future of AI

DeCenter Explorer

Discover AI Projects Across Diverse Industries.

  • Explore the AI landscape effortlesslys
  • Find innovative tools and applications
  • Stay informed about the latest AI projects.
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DeCenter Application

Train, Run, Fine-Tune and manage AI Models.

  • All-in-one AI development hub
  • Model Security, Monetization and Analytics
  • Seamless model customization and management.
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DeCenter Services

Guidance for Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises in AI.

  • Expert assistance in AI journey
  • Access turnkey or custom AI solutions
  • Comprehensive support and updates from AI specialists.
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Decenter IncentIves

Rewards and Encouragement for AI Developers.

  • Incentivized contributions and participation
  • Encourage innovation and collaboration
  • Recognition and rewards for excellence.

Dcen tokens

DCEN Tokens DCEN Tokens facilitate transactions within the model trainer and marketplace for AI models, data, and services.
DCEN Tokens empower the community to influence platform decisions and shape its future.
DCEN Tokens reward active participation and contributions to model training, fostering community engagement and incentivised collaboration.


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Victor (CEO)

Founded SureCrypto a blockchain service company with projects like GamerHub, Kryptotoday, Finality.



Data scientist and machine learning engineer with over 5 years of experience at AIChats, PYOR, HyperTest.


Glory (CMO)

Founded Mindspace solutions, a Web3 marketing agency with clients like Private AI, YOM, Riva Metaverse.

Developer DECENTER

William (DEV)

Co-founder and Dev at FreshCoast Blockchain and OpenSafari. Core Contributor at RnDAO.


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